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synopsis from the review by Mike Haberfelner:  Sid (Lawrence O’Leary), a veteran professional writer still waiting for his one big (and above all profitable) breakthrough, does some soul-searching for his next big story – and as anybody would,


he likes to see himself as an infallible, god-like creature, projecting all of his shortcomings into his alter ego Ace (Adam Buxbaum), whom he at times sees as his younger self, at times as the son he has never had.


In this parallel world of his, there’s also Blood (Jami Tennille), the cynical woman who represents his past botched up relationships, a woman Sid tries to remove from the train of his thoughts, but not always successfully as Ace seems to be drawn to her at times, repulsed by her at others though,


and there’s Sugar (Stacy Forbes), who’s in a way Sid’s ideal woman, the soulmate type of girlfriend he might have never met in real life … 

Sugar 10

2020 update from Producers Mike Messier and Tim Labonte  We weren’t satisfied. We, meaning myself and my producer/editor/DP collaborator and good friend Tim Labonte, felt that there were a few stones left unturned with our experimental art-house drama Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

So, we’ve painstakingly – and lovingly – reedited , rebooted and remastered our vision, with previously unreleased footage and effects, for this special direct-to-audience release. We’ve also revamped our website, featuring highlighted scenes of each Actor on their character page and an updated press page. 

We had a great time , digging deep into our humanity, to discover these characters. We hope you find the results of interest as we make more films, individually and collectively. 

Very special thanks goes to photographer Stephanie Maiden Carey for her excellent captures of the cast as seen on this website and Nadine G. Messier for her help with the film poster design.

Thank you very much for your time and interest in this very personal story… and many thanks to the small but unbelievably determined and talented cast, good-natured and hard working crew members John Orlando, “Billy Boom” and our talented HMUAs, and all those that have supported, and continue to support –  this art-house , dramatic feature film!

“MIKE AND TIM”                                                     


MIKE MESSIER – Writer/Director/Producer



TIM LABONTE – Cinematographer/Editor/Producer