Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace! is a feature length, psychological drama.  The story follows SID! – a creator of words, films and visual art.  Sid reflects upon his life’s journey, painfully processing the mistakes he’s made and the potential he has not fulfilled with work and women.


To quantify his pain, Sid creates ACE! –a younger version of himself – and thus Ace is born unto this world of memories and frustration, who seeks to break free from Sid’s path into his own identity.


Ace’s main conflict is with BLOOD! – a manifestation of all the broken-doll females that have lead to Sid’s downfall.


From the debris of Ace’s ashes, rises SUGAR! – the empathetic spirit that is the light at the end of Sid/Ace’s dark tunnel. There is something about Ace that is more than meets the eye.

Sugar 12

You must see the film with an open heart and an open mind to truly experience the phenomena that is and will be Blood! Sugar! Sid! Ace!

Blood, Sugar, and Sid


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